Beneficiaries of International protection and integration in Italy – NIEM National Report 2022
14 June 2022
Toolkit 2 – Raising awareness against gender and race stereotypes in recruitment: training for career counselling professionals – Grase
27 July 2022

Toolkit 3 – AI-based gender and race/origin bias detection toolkit – Grase

This Toolkit describes a tool that can identify gender or race biases hidden behind the recruitment process conducted using artificial intelligence algorithms.

As the introduction of AI into selection processes is becoming more and more prevalent, the assessment of probable biases embedded in machine learning processes is becoming extremely relevant.

This tool is flexible and easily adaptable to investigating racial and gender biases in the area of interest. The Toolkit can be successfully used by public services or employment companies, allowing them to check for bias in job offers drafted before publication and to test the software used in the selection of applications.

See the promotional Infographic of the Toolkit

Autore: GRASE Project
Year: 2022
Editor: Fondazione ISMU