26 September 2013

Guida “L’italiano per…prepararsi all’esame della patente”

11 March 2016

The Twenty-first Italian Report on migrations 2015

14 May 2018

Report “The Twenty-third Italian Report on Migrations 2017”

14 May 2018

Paper “If Dublin IV were in place during the refugees crisis”

18 June 2018

Contemporary jihadism: a generational phenomenon

7 January 2019

Paper “Make Diversity into Inclusive: Youth and Migration in Europe”

16 May 2019

The Twenty-fourth Italian Report on Migrations 2018

24 June 2019

Swim – Safe Woman in Migration. Strengthen GBV protection for migrant and asylum seeker women

27 June 2019

Building Capacity of Front Line Staff to Prevent and Respond to GBV

23 July 2019

EU Secondary Movements of Asylum Seekers: a Matter of Effective Protection and Solidarity