The expertise we provide

Fondazione ISMU ETS is a non-profit organization based in Milan (Italy) that conducts scientific research, training and projects aimed at transforming societies through migration and social inclusion

 ISMU core areas expertise

ISMU geographical coverage

  • Migrant integration
  • Discrimination and racism
  • International cooperation and sustainable development
  • Knowledge management and exchange (research-policy-practice)
  • Co-creation of solutions
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Project management and coordination (HE, CERV, AMIF, Erasmus+)
  • Italy
  • Europe, including the EU
  • Africa, including West Africa
  • Latin America and the Caribbean

For over 30 years, Fondazione ISMU has worked with policymakers, researchers, civil society actors and migrant communities by connecting them and enhancing the quality of their work. As a result, it is very well positioned in different ecosystems 

In the past Fondazione ISMU has coordinated the following research projects funded under the following H2020/HE calls

As part of the current HorizonEurope work programme, these are the calls where Fondazione ISMU could contribute

  • HORIZON-CL2-2024-TRANSFORMATIONS-01-04 – Social services: economic and social returns and value added 
  • HORIZON-CL2-2024-TRANSFORMATIONS-01-08 – Arts and cultural awareness and expression in education and training 
  • HORIZON-CL2-2024-TRANSFORMATIONS-01-06 – Beyond the horizon: A human-friendly deployment of artificial intelligence and related technologies 
  • HORIZON-CL2-2024-DEMOCRACY-01-11 – Future scenarios and young visions for European democracy 2040 
  • HORIZON-CL2-2024-DEMOCRACY-01-10 – Political participation in multilingual spaces 
  • HORIZON-CL2-2024-HERITAGE-01-01 – New European Bauhaus: Innovative solutions for greener and fairer ways of life through arts and culture, architecture and design for all 

We look forward to working with you!