Toolkit 3 – AI-based gender and race/origin bias detection toolkit – Grase
27 July 2022
Toolkit 1 – Effective strategies to fight race and gender stereotypes in career counselling services – Grase
27 July 2022

Toolkit 2 – Raising awareness against gender and race stereotypes in recruitment: training for career counselling professionals – Grase

This Toolkit contains training contents and modules that support career counselling professionals in their job and is designed to implement awareness-raising strategies fighting gender and race stereotypes in recruitment. The Toolkit proposes an interactive methodology based on experiential learning to become aware of the existence of unconscious biases to support the activation of behavioural changes towards fairer recruitment practices.

A draft version of this Toolkit was tested by about 200 career counselling professionals across Italy, Spain and Portugal who participated in a training pathway. The testing phase was assessed through the collection of interviews and questionnaires.

The finalization of the Toolkit significantly drew from the evidence gathered from the evaluation (Download the Report here), and the final version incorporates the feedback and inputs provided by the testing phase.

The toolkit is also available in Italian, Spanish and Portuguese

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Autore: GRASE Project
Year: 2022
Editor: Fondazione ISMU

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