Toolkit 2 – Raising awareness against gender and race stereotypes in recruitment: training for career counselling professionals – Grase
27 July 2022
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30 September 2022

Toolkit 1 – Effective strategies to fight race and gender stereotypes in career counselling services – Grase

The present Toolkit focuses on career counselling services and on their daily work practices to increase awareness of how gender and race stereotypes get wittingly and unwittingly reproduced, thereby enhancing their capability to properly recognize and assess migrant’s women skills and potential.

A draft version of this Toolkit was tested by 30 career counselling professionals across Italy, Spain and Portugal. The testing phase was assessed through the collection of interviews and questionnaires.

The finalization of the Toolkit significantly drew from the evidence gathered in the evaluation (Download the Report here), and the final version incorporates the feedback and inputs provided by the testing phase.

To facilitate career counselling professionals’ engagement and learning experience, GRASE realized a version of the Toolkit on Thinglink – a web app enabling the creation of easy-to-use and interactive learning content.

To access a truly interactive and user-friendly version of the Toolkit, open the Thinglink version in, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.

Autore: GRASE Project
Year: 2022
Editor: Fondazione ISMU

With the help of career counselling professionals’ advice, GRASE created this Infographic to disseminate the Toolkit and encourage its use. The Infographic targets career counselling professionals and should spark their interest in the Toolkit by debunking typical stereotypes about migrant women. Its contents and message have been adapted to each national context where the project has been implemented – Italy, Spain, Portugal – on the basis of the suggestions of the three countries’ career counselling professionals involved in GRASE.

See the infographic in english, italian, spanish, portuguese