Convegno nazionale “Media e arti performative nelle pratiche di inclusione”
7 Gennaio 2019
“Guida all’educazione economico-finanziaria in chiave interculturale per docenti della scuola primaria”
8 Gennaio 2019

Paper “Make Diversity into Inclusive: Youth and Migration in Europe”

This paper originates from a study presented in Hamburg in 2017 at the Haus Rissen association for the elaboration of the “Inclusion Village” project (Erasmus Plus Programme).

The aim of the paper was to establish, from a theoretical and documentary point of view, the meanings and intentions of the concepts of inclusion and diversity, through the analysis of laws, norms, projects and actions at European level.

The object of this study is to show how these two concepts, apparently antithetical, can instead be reconcilable and indeed make diversity a source of social inclusion. In particular the paper, like the project to which it relates, focuses on “inclusive diversity” of the youth of Europe: of course it means all young people living in Europe.

Autore: Lia Lombardi
Anno: dicembre 2018
Editore: Fondazione ISMU
Tipologia: Paper, Fact sheet e articoli