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3 Settembre 2020
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8 Settembre 2020
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Guidelines for the identification and assessment of migrants’ soft skills

This document intends to provide operational suggestions aimed at improving interventions for the identification and assessment of migrant people’s soft skills.

 Identification” refers to a process aimed at identifying and describing, in a specific portfolio, a list of soft skills possessed by the migrant. This process is mainly based on the analysis of previous training, work, and personal experiences.

Assessment,” on its part, indicates a process aimed at quantifying the level of possession of specific soft skills as objectively as possible. The assessment of soft skills is to be understood as a step following the identification, to be activated only if necessary and only with regard to those competencies that, due to their relevance to specific job roles or professions, need to be measured precisely.

Autore: Diego Boerchi, Maura Di Mauro, Annavittoria Sarli
Anno: 2020
Editore: Fondazione ISMU
Tipologia: Guide e strumenti