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16 May 2022
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6 June 2022

Webinar on Entrepreneurship as a driver of economic inclusion

Webinar on Entrepreneurship as a driver of economic inclusion

Good practices, challenges and opportunities for (female) beneficiaries of Temporary Protection from Ukraine

2nd June 2022 at 10:00-11:45 AM

More than 6 million people have fled across Ukraine’s borders following Russia’s invasion, with the vast majority heading to neighbouring EU countries. Those arriving in the EU are largely women, children and elderly. Many newcomers are now sole caregivers, meaning that care services may be a precondition for their entrance into EU labour markets, pointing to specific challenges for the integration process.

According to the Temporary Protection Directive, this group should be able to engage in self-employed activities. Some Member States have also launched programmes aimed at facilitating the relocation of Ukrainian companies. Indeed, migrant and refugee entrepreneurship has been recognised as a vehicle for integration, contributing to economic growth and social cohesion. Initiatives supporting migrant entrepreneurs and helping them overcome specific challenges, such as smaller networks, language barriers and difficulties in accessing finance have bourgeoned in Europe. In addition, advances in digitalization and the reorganization of the world of work triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic have created new opportunities related to digital entrepreneurship and remote working.

Against this backdrop, the webinar will explore innovative tools and approaches, as well as their applicability to arrivals from Ukraine, with a specific focus on female migrant entrepreneurship.



  • Mr Jakub Boratyński, Director, Networks & Governance – Directorate D, European Commission, DG for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs (TBC)
  • Mr Alexander Wolffhardt, Deputy Director, Migration Policy Group
  • Ms Pinar Yapanoglu, Portfolio Manager for migration and development projects, ICMPD Turkey and Western Balkans
  • Mr Zoran Rajkovic, Consultant, Vienna Business Agency, Startup Services / Migrant Enterprises
  • Mr Mustafa Tahir, Project Coordinator, Kompass Frankfurt
  • Ms Sofia Altafi, Co-founder of Ester Foundation, Sweden


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