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13 January 2021
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3 February 2021

Understanding race, racism and antiracism in migration studies, comparatively across Europe and beyond

ANTI-Racism working group presents a new seminar series


On behalf of the ANTI-racism working group, IMISCOE invites you to join an online seminar series. Following the global mobilization against racism, the Anti- racism working group have put together a webinar series to reflect on migration histories, race and racism and the challenges facing anti-racist work today.

The seminars provide a focused entry point for debates into the multiple and varied histories of colonialism in Europe, as old colonial powers, modern colonial powers, peripheral/failed colonial powers and as historically dominated countries.

These three seminars bring together thinkers from across 12 countries to offer state-of-the-art reviews of these issues and stress the commonalities and differences both in historical and contemporary terms and explore the social, cultural and political dynamics underpinning discourses of race.



Seminar 1 – January 15 at 2:00 pm till 4:00 (CEST)

1a: Netherlands (Darshan Vigneswaran) – UK (Leon Moosavi)

1b: France (Nina Sahraoui) – Italy (Alfredo Alietti)

Chaired by Marco Martiniello

Missed this one? Click here to view the recording


Seminar  2 – February 12 at 2 pm CET: Poland, Hungary, Sweden & Switzerland

Session 1: Poland (Monika Bobako) – Hungary (Zsuzsa Vidra)

Session 2: Sweden  (Anders Neergaard) – Switzerland (Boulila & Riaño)

Chaired by Guia Gilardoni – Fondazione ISMU

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Seminar 3 – March 2 at 2:00 till 4:00 (CEST)

Session 1: Spain  (Zenia Hellgren ) – Portugal (Marta Araújo)

Session 2: Belgium (Nadia Fadil) – Germany (tbc)

Chaired by Anders Neergaard

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ANTI-Racism working group led by Parvati Raghuram here  >>