White Paper on the Management of Economic Migrations
6 March 2023
The ISMU Report on Migrations in Italy 2022
22 March 2023

Together for a common home. New Policy brief of NEAR Project

NEAR project has realized the policy brief “Together for a common home. How diaspora stakeholders can support the integration of newly arrived migrants at local level”, that officially concludes a two-year journey into supporting social orientation of newly arrived migrants.

The NEAR project (Newly Arrived in a Common Home), funded under the EU Asylum, Integration and Migration Fund between March 2021 and February 2023, aimed at fostering social orientation of newly arrived migrants during their settlement in the receiving countries. Thanks to the efforts of project partners, the project was piloted in four cities across three EU countries, namely Milan (ISMU, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore Milano), Perugia (TAMAT NGO), Lisbon (AIDGLOBAL) and Nicosia (CARDET), and modelled into a set of resources for migrants, stakeholder and policymakers.

The policy brief puts forward six recommendations that can facilitate different aspects of policymaking and service provision, including identification and outreach, capacity building, coordination and networking.