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23 May 2022
The Twenty-seventh Italian Report on migrations 2021
7 June 2022

The Twenty-seventh Italian Report on migrations 2021

The ISMU annual Report on migration enters its 27th edition in 2022. Over time, the Report has become a useful reference for people working on migration, both within and outside Italy. As the health emergency subsided in the second half of 2021, public interest on migration resurfaced along with the challenges that migration poses to Italy and the European Union.

In addition to the traditional areas of interest (health, work, education, and the legal framework) and to statistical aspects (ISMU estimates that
5,576,000 foreigners live permanently in Italy as of 1st January 2021), the 27th edition of the Report devotes particular attention to the attitudes and orientations of Italian people towards migration, as well as to the experience of migrant women in terms of discrimination and positive valorization.

Autore: Vincenzo Cesareo (ed.)
Year: 2022
Editor: Fondazione ISMU
Tipologia: Report