Temporary protection in the EU: over 384,000 permits issued in 2022
6 June 2023
The results of our SprINg project have been published by CORDIS in the Results Pack on migration
26 July 2023

The 28th edition of ISMU Migration Report inevitably addresses the tragic events connected to the war in Ukraine, analysing the conflict from the perspective of human mobility. The volume traces the inflows and outflows from Ukraine to Europe and Italy, analysing the reasons why the reception granted to Ukrainians differs from the reception conditions that have been granted to
asylum seekers of other nationalities over the past decade.

While paying particular attention to the conflict in Ukraine, the Report also turns the spotlight on some countries that tend to be forgotten, such as Afghanistan, Syria and Countries of the African continent.

Alongside the analysis of statistical data (ISMU estimates that the number of foreigners living steadily in Italy slightly exceeded 6 million individuals, as of 1 January 2022), the Report covers the traditional areas of interest of health, work, education and the juridical framework. Moreover, the Report is enriched by several in-depth studies including analyses of how recent Italian
political elections treated the “Migration issue” and of the role played by diaspora communities between local integration and international cooperation.

Autore: Vincenzo Cesareo (cur.)
Year: 2023
Editor: Fondazione ISMU ETS
Tipologia: Report