8 July 2021
26 July 2021

The renewed International Metropolis Project website is online!!

About Metropolis International

The International Metropolis Project is the largest cross-sectoral international network of researchers, policy makers, and community groups engaged in identifying, understanding, and responding to developments in migration, integration / inclusion, and diversity.

Founded in 1996, the International Metropolis Project (now Metropolis International) was launched by Citizenship and Immigration Canada in partnership with the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council as a network of experts and practitioners from universities, governments, and international and non-governmental organizations with an interest in international migration and its effects on societies, including a research program carried out by five Metropolis Centres of Excellence (i.e. partnerships of 20 Canadian universities).

ISMU is part of Metropolis International


The network is composed of universities, think tanks, governments at different levels, service providing agencies, and international organizations, enhancing our collaborative approach on bridging research, policy, and practice on migration and diversity.

25th International Metropolis Conference

Save the Date – 25th International Metropolis Conference, Berlin, 4-9 September, 2022

Berlin becomes the centre of international exchange on migration, integration and diversity.

Under the title Changing Migration, Migration in Change, the International Metropolis Conference in Berlin in 2022 offers a cross-sectoral platform for experts from around the world to discuss the latest in migration, integration and diversity.