The Twenty-sixth Italian Report on Migrations 2020
15 April 2021 showcases the businesses start-ups led by migrant entrepreneurs in Europe to attract potential impact-investors
16 April 2021

The Italian National Report of NIEM project is out

In the framework of the NIEM project, ISMU drew up the Italian national report focusing on the policies and the practices implemented to integrate the beneficiaries of international protection (henceforth BIPs). A specific insight regarded access to the housing system.

The choice of deepening this specific area is due to the necessity of shedding light on barriers that can hamper the integration processes and the paths toward full autonomy. Even if BIPs remain in the reception system for a long period, the exit phase is a huge problem and obtaining a house is one of the main issues.

The National laws regulating access to the housing system do not discriminate against the different kinds of applicants. However, differences exist if we consider the regional and local level that add requirements such as a specific period of residence on the territory as a variable to present an application for the public housing system. In the last years, the Courts censured such forms of discrimination so that also who exits the reception system can enjoy public policies on an equal footing with other persons in need.

Beyond these aspects, other issues concern the public policies implemented to meet the population needs. In this regard, Italy carries out different kinds of practices to support those who do not have economic autonomy. One of them is social housing experiences.

Nonetheless, BIPs who exit the reception systems face other challenges compared to the natives once they access the housing system. Indeed, the lack of trust from the homeowners puts them in a disadvantaged condition. Prejudices are the basis of discriminatory behaviours from natives.

Hence, it’s clear that changing the narrative on migration is more than urgent in order to build social cohesion. Working for integrating means working for societies able to be welcoming.