4 November 2021

Report Gender and migration background at their intersection

4 November 2021

Report Labour policies at the intersection of gender and race

17 December 2021

The explorative study on the condition of Unaccompanied Foreign Minors

23 December 2021

Report “Policies and practices of labour inclusion of migrant women”

8 February 2022

Relaunching labour-market integration for migrants: What can we learn from successful local experiences

5 April 2022

“Labor market access of migrant women”. An insight into the GRASE project

16 May 2022

NIEM new comparative report reveals that countries welcoming most Ukrainian refugees are the least prepared

16 May 2022

Project “NIEM – National Integration Evaluation Mechanism”

23 May 2022

Webinar on Entrepreneurship as a driver of economic inclusion

6 June 2022

The Twenty-seventh Italian Report on migrations 2021