13 May 2019

Czechia – Repubblica Ceca

23 July 2019

EU Secondary Movements of Asylum Seekers: a Matter of Effective Protection and Solidarity

29 July 2019

Crackdown on NGOs and volunteers helping refugees and other migrants

23 September 2019

Malta Migration Meeting: on the temporary relocation and disembarkation of asylum-seekers

19 November 2019

Comunication from the Commission to the european Parliement, the european Council and the Council

16 December 2019

Project “King – Knowledge for INtegration Governance”

20 April 2020

The results of the “Research Social Platform on Migration and Asylum” project (ReSOMA), are available on CORDIS

7 May 2020

The European benchmark for refugee integration – Summary Report

27 June 2020

Project “NIEM – National Integration Evaluation Mechanism”

29 June 2020

Europe, Africa and Migrations