The Global Compact on Refugees: which future for a comprehensive instrument in response to people’s displacement
14 January 2020
Project “Grundtvig learning partnership – Promoting Digital Literacy of Roma People”
3 February 2020

SWIM – Safe Women in Migration: the results of the research

Mixed media. Emotional portrait of abused, crying, beautiful, young, frustrated, sad girl with green eyes and tears. Crying depressed woman. Violent, abuse, rape concept. Contemporary art. Copy space.

The results of the research highlight the significant percentage of multiple abuses  during  the migration journey.

Migrant women, especially those who travel alone are more exposed to human trafficking, exploitation, discrimination and abuse. According to data, migrant women arriving by sea  represent 9.9% (UNHCR data as of January 2019) of migrants disembarked, but the phenomenon of violence is assuming crucial dimension.

Fondazione L’Albero della Vita together with Fondazione ISMU have been involved in a quantitative-qualitative research, coordinated by Lia Lombardi, aiming at identifying the main needs and gaps in training of operational staff working with migrant women at risk of Gender Based Violence in Italy and other EU countries.

The research highlight that almost all migrant women experienced abuses during their journey.