The European benchmark for refugee integration: A comparative analysis of the National Integration Evaluation Mechanism in 14 EU countries
18 June 2019
Building Capacity of Front Line Staff to Prevent and Respond to GBV
27 June 2019

Swim – Safe Woman in Migration. Strengthen GBV protection for migrant and asylum seeker women

The SWIM project envisaged a survey targeted to the reception systems’ operators belonging to the Countries involved in the project. More precisely, four Countries participated to the survey: Italy, France, Great Britain and Sweden.

The total number of questionnaires collected in the 4 Countries are 437. Among the respondents, 70% are women (304); 35% of them is aged between 33 and 45 years old; 57% has an academic degree (or equivalent). Especially in formal educational qualification.

In fact, in Italy the 39% of respondents has an upper secondary education diploma while, in general, in the other Countries the practitioners involved in the survey have higher formal qualifications and are also a bit younger. In all the Countries the highest share of respondents (between 42 and 52%) works in migrants support services but since quite a short time (from 1 to 3 years). These features are obviously relevant only for this survey: they describe the profile of our sample and do not identify the profile of all the practitioners working in the receptions systems of the 4 Countries.

Autore: Emanuela Bonini (ed.)
Year: June 2019
Editor: Fondazione ISMU
Tipologia: Fact sheet