Research “NIEM – National Integration Evaluation Mechanism”
28 May 2019
Research “Resoma. Research Social Platform on Migration and Asylum”
4 June 2019

Research “EMILL – European Modules and Integration at Local level”

EMILL brings different organisations at different levels and from different countries around the same table for the elaboration of a common methodology enabling the benchmarking of practices and their analysisas they take place within local contexts. To reach its objective, EMILL departs from the Draft European Modules on Migrant Integration (European Commission, DG HOME, July 2011; available on this page in the e-Library) and draws therein relevant elements of comparison considering notably Module 1 on language and introductory courses and Module 2 Component 2 on access to services.

The tool thereby developed and tested shall prove applicable to diverse environments, notably to cities as they concentrate a great share of the migrant population and as they shelter a wide range of initiatives for the integration of third country nationals. In this fashion, the project is in line with other initiatives promoting exchange and enhancement of practices implementation and political context but goes beyond the provision of examples. MORE DETAILS