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18 December 2019
The Global Compact on Refugees: which future for a comprehensive instrument in response to people’s displacement
14 January 2020

Provide. Proximity on Violence: Defence and Equity – Prog 776957

These operative guidelines – edited in English, Italian, French and Spanish – are based on the results of the two macro-actions of the Provide project: the research and the training of operators. The qualitative research highlights the difficulties of the operators of services and reception centres which face a high turnover; the absence of specific skills on gender-based and proximity violence; the lack of a specialized training offer.

We have therefore structured the guidelines in two parts; the first concerns the “good practices” of the training path; the second highlights the “good practices” of the reception of the migrants who are victims of violence, which have emerged from the research.

To make the use of these guidelines easier for the trainers, we have produced them following a route of information sheets which goes over the training events, taking up the most significant contents and approaches of the training in the target areas (Sicily, Lombardy, Tuscany, the Paris region and Andalusia).

The second part, dedicated to the “good practices of reception” is based on three criteriaidentifying, preventing, caring – and also follows a structure of information sheets which concerns: the reception systems in Italy, France and Spain and some local situations; the good practices of reception and care of migrants who are victims of violence and networking (governance, protocol and actions); the critical points and the prospects of the system.

Autore: Lia Lombardi
Year: December 2019
Editor: Fondazione ISMU