Guidelines for the identification and assessment of migrants’ soft skills
3 September 2020
The new Pact on Migration and Asylum
23 September 2020

Project “SPRING – Sustainable Practices of Integration”

The SPRING project brings together people, knowledge
and practices to empower practitioners evidence

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SprINg brings together people, knowledge and practices to empower practitioners’ evidence.

By joining SprINg, you and your organisation will become part of a diverse community, spreading knowledge among European integration actors and multiplying the positive effect of your practice across the EU!

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Who should join?

Anyone professionally engaged in the field of integration and inclusion of migrants in Europe. Our main target audience are Communities of Practice (COPs) and professional networks, as well as their members as individual actors.

What are the benefits?

  • Become part of a diverse community influencing integration policies and practices
  • Position yourself and your organisation at the forefront of analysis and research on best practice integration strategies
  • Spread knowledge among European integration actors
  • Get your best practice or project be viewed by other practitioners across the EU
  • Multiply the positive effect of your practice across the EU


“Promoting evidence-based communities of practices on migrant integration”

The SPRING Launch Conference took place on 8th June

The online event was attended by more than 100 participants. The keynote speakers have set and engaged in an interesting dialogue connecting knowledge and practice and showcasing experience from different European platforms on how to mainstream evidence into practice.

The conference marked only the beginning of a two-year process where SPRING will actively work to make evidence more relevant and accessible in the area of migrant integration.

If you missed the Launch Conference you can watch the webinar recording click the button
and get the key insights from the speakers!

SPRING is a two-year project coordinated by Fondazione Inizative e Studi sulla Multietnicità (ISMU, Italy) and involving the Department of Sociology and Public Administration at Erasmus University Rotterdam (the Netherlands), the Department for Migration and Globalization at Danube University Krems (Austria), the International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD, Austria), SOLIDAR (Belgium), the Migration Policy Institute-Europe (MPI-Europe, Belgium), Youngminds (Romania), the International Catholic Migration Commission Europe (ICMC-Europe, BE) and the Migration Policy Group (MPG, BE). The project implementation is supported by the Ottawa Refugee Hub at Ottawa University (Canada) as non-EU partner and by EUROCITIES (Belgium) as associate partner.

Focused on the integration of recently arrived migrants in the context of the large-scale arrivals of refugees and other migrants since 2014, SPRING aims to develop a toolbox to improve the innovation, effectiveness and sustainability of the work done by Europe’s integration stakeholders at national, regional and local levels.

SPRING will do so by

  • engaging with relevant communities of practice
  • collecting evidence on sustainable and effective integration policy practices
  • identifying successful and sustainable practices targeted at the integration of newly arrived migrants
  • promoting an evidence culture in integration policy
  • creating innovative knowledge exchange tools on sustainable practices of integration

The SPRING consortium brings together some of Europe’s most well-connected integration researchers, think-tanks and stakeholder networks with the support of global stakeholders.

As such, the project will mobilise significant research, networks and communications capacity and will gather, summarise and share the best available research and evidence on the effectiveness, innovation, transferability, sustainability and evaluation methods for integration policies and practice. This evidence will summarise the findings of EU projects funded under Horizon 2020, AMIF, European Social Fund and Erasmus+ as well as relevant public and private donors.

ICMC-Europe  (BE)
Ottawa Universty (CAN)

In collaboration with

Eurocities (BE)