Comunication from the Commission to the european Parliement, the european Council and the Council
19 November 2019
Conference “The coming of age of migration studies. Debating the evolution and impact of a research field”
18 December 2019

Project “King – Knowledge for INtegration Governance”


Co-funded by the European Union

The KING project is a translation into facts of the idea that knowledge should be the foundation stone of policy-making. Hence its name: Knowledge for INtegration Governance. Co-funded by the European Commission – DG Home Affairs, it intends to gather knowledge on the present position in relation to migrant integration throughout the European Union, with a view to guiding policymaking and enhancing its outcomes. In order for policies to respond to what is a multifaceted phenomenon, a multidisciplinary approach is used which should guarantee the provision of insightful and relevant recommendations.

The project was coordinated by ISMU Foundation – Initiatives and Studies on MUltiethnicity.