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15 December 2020
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13 January 2021
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Project “GRASE – Gender and Race Stereotypes Eradication in labour market access”

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January 4, 2021
ISMU is pleased to announce that the project

“GRASE – Gender and Race Stereotypes Eradication in labour market access” has been awarded funding under the REC programme, the EU’s commission Rights, Equality and Citizenship programme that contributes to the further development of an area where equality and the rights of persons, as enshrined in the Treaty, the Charter and international human rights conventions, are promoted, protected and effectively implemented.

GRASE is a two-year project coordinated by Fondazione Inizative e Studi sulla Multietnicità (ISMU, Italy) and involving


Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini (FGB, Italy)

Adecco Formazione Srl (Mylia, Italy)

Aproximar – Cooperativa Solidariedade Social (CRL, Portugal)

Asociacion Amiga por los derechos humanos de las mujeres (Amiga, Spain)

Fundacion Adecco (Fund. Adecco, Spain)


GRASE’s specific objectives focus on the reduction of barriers system of career guidance services to facilitate the access of women with a migratory background to the labor market and to positions and sectors adequate to their skills.

GRASE will do so by

  • identifying the need to improve both career counselling services and of their professional’s ability to recognize and address gender and race stereotypes
  • implementing community of practices at two levels
    1. among project’s partner aimed at exchanging practices and experiences through study-visits
    2. in each of the three countries by involving professionals working in both private and public career counselling services
  • using knowledge, existing data and evidence in order to develop the overall theoretical framework of the project with the aim of providing the instruments for a deep understanding of “double-discrimination” and the definition of coherent intervention strategies
  • defining three toolkits, by analysing the maps of critical and good practices in career counselling services and in parallel, the data and the evidence collected in the reports
  • testing of the intervention strategies in the three countries
  • training of staff in career counselling services in the three countries
  • sensitizing IT professionals to develop gender and race-sensitive job search and skills matching digital platforms
  • increasing awareness about gender and race stereotypes
  • engaging EU-level stakeholders in a debate.



GRASE’s approach aims at activating synergic collaborations to address these intersectional challenges by combining the different areas of expertise of its partners, leveraging on the added value that each of them can provide, with their sets of respective competences and know-hows, through the activation of Community of Practices as a cornerstone of its methodology.

The consortium is composed by entities that have developed significant experience in the three areas that the project intersects and mobilizes

migrant integration

gender equality

delivery of fair job market guidance and career counselling services for the general population and socially disadvantaged groups.