Migrant Integration Policy Index – MIPEX
15 December 2020
Project “ITACA – Italian cities against discrimination”
13 January 2021
Migrant Integration Policy Index – MIPEX
15 December 2020
Project “ITACA – Italian cities against discrimination”
13 January 2021

Project “GRASE – Gender and Race Stereotypes Eradication in labour market access”


GRASE is a 2-year EU funded project under the EU’s rights, equality & citizenship programme, focusing on facilitating the access of women with a migratory background to the labour market by reducing barriers in the career services system.

GRASE’s overall objective is to contribute to reduce gender and race gaps by combining expert knowledge on gender and migration with the practical knowledge of career counselling professionals.

GRASE will do so by

  • identifying the necessity to improve career counselling services’ ability to recognize and address gender and race stereotypes
  • implementing Community of practices (COP) at two levels
    1. activating a COP in each of the three countries involving professionals who work both in private and public career counselling services
    2. promoting exchange at the international level between the three country-level COPs also through study-visits
  • using knowledge, existing data and evidence in order to 1) develop the overall theoretical framework of the project with the aim to provide tools for thoroughly understanding the “double-discrimination” lived by migrant women and 2) develop the definition of coherent intervention strategies
  • defining three toolkits, through a simultaneous analysis of maps of critical and good practices in career counselling services and of the data and the evidence collected in the research activities of the project
  • testing the intervention strategies in the three countries
  • training staff of  career counselling services in the three countries
  • sensitizing IT professionals to develop gender and race-sensitive job search and skills matching digital platforms
  • increasing awareness about gender and race stereotypes
  • engaging EU-level stakeholders in a debate



GRASE’s approach aims at activating synergic collaborations to face intersectional challenges, combining the expertise and know-how of each partner.

The consortium is made up by organisations that have developed significant experience in the three areas that the project intersects and mobilizes

– migrant integration

– gender equality

– delivery of fair job market guidance and career counselling
services for the general population and socially disadvantaged groups.

Dissemination Activities 

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GRASE is a two-year project coordinated by Fondazione Inizative e Studi sulla Multietnicità (ISMU, Italy) and involving
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