Project “DimiCome – Diversity Management e Integrazione. Le competenze dei Migranti nel mercato del lavoro”
21 June 2020
Project ReSOMA – Research Social platform On Migration and Asylum
29 June 2020

Project “AwArtMali – Awareness raising and info through art on irregular migration risks in Mali”

AwArtMali is a joint action between partners from Italy, Spain and Cyprus and with the support of a Malian NGO. The project aims to change the perceptions and behaviors of Malian citizens who intend to use irregular migration venues to the EU.

The project aims to:

  • raise awareness among Malian migrants on the risks of irregular migration and on the existence of legal migration venues and economic opportunities in Mali
  • reinforce the message against irregular migration
  • foster participation of and dialogue between the Malian diaspora and other key stakeholders in Mali, Spain and Italy
  • give a voice to the Malian diaspora in Italy and Spain.

The project foresees at first a quantitative and qualitative research on the migration mechanisms and communication needs of Malian migrants who have used or plan to use irregular migration venues.

The data and information gathered in this first phase will allow to design and implement a communication and awareness campaign in Mali that will build on, among its instruments, itinerant theatrical activities.

The beneficiaries of the project are citizens in Mali, the Malian diaspora in Italy and Spain and other relevant stakeholders.



From 19 June 2020 the “Highlights on Malians and irregular migration” are available on the AwArtMali website. The highlights summarize the results of last year’s preliminary research on Malians’ communication habits and socio-economic in relation to irregular migration. The research built an empirical basis for the communication, information and awareness raising activities carried out as part of the AwArtMali project on the risks of irregular migration as well as on legal pathways and local alternatives.