Relaunching labour-market integration for migrants: What can we learn from successful local experiences
8 February 2022
25th International Metropolis Conference – Berlin 2022
10 April 2022

“Labor market access of migrant women”. An insight into the GRASE project

Securing migrant women’s participation in the job market is crucial to provide them with equal opportunities and empowerment by preventing economic dependence on their partners in cases of gender-based violence.

The intersection of gender and the place of birth act as a multiplier of inequality, making non-EU migrant women the most disadvantaged group in terms of job stability.

Available data show a systematic gap in labor market access for recent non-EU-born migrant women compared to native-born women and men.

Indeed, non-EU-born migrant women struggle to integrate into the European national labour markets.

Their unemployment rate is higher compared to migrant men and native women.

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