We study and live changes caused by international migrations

We study and experience the change generated by international migration.

Fondazione ISMU ETS is an independent scientific research organization studying migration phenomena and integration processes.

We believe that communication and cultural exchanges encourage the mutual recognition and promotion of the fundamental rights of each individual. Since 1993, we have fully engaged in understanding and disseminating knowledge on migration flows, offering effective answers and carrying out projects and activities.

ISMU Foundation means independent scientific research, intercultural education, training and projects on international migrations.

Because we think that understanding the world we live in comes from the study and analysis of the causes that lie in social phenomena.

And because we believe that living among different cultures is an opportunity in the age of globalization.

These are the reasons why, as a team of researchers and experts from different fields, we work with national and international governmental institutions, local administrations, health authorities, schools and universities, national and international scientific research centres and foundations, libraries and resource centres, diplomatic representations, NGOs and INGOs, companies and trade associations.

The Fondazione ISMU – Initiatives and Studies on Multi-ethnicity – was created in 1991 at the initiative of the Fondazione Opere Sociali Cariplo (Cariplo’s charity foundation). It was then called Institute for the Study of Multi-ethnicity and was entrusted with the missions of promoting studies and research and of carrying out documentation, information and training activities relating to the ever-growing ethnic and cultural diversity of the Italian society. Two years later, the Institute became a foundation endowed with legal personality and was renamed Fondazione Cariplo per le Iniziative e lo Studio della Multietnicità (Cariplo Foundation for Initiatives and Studies on Multi-ethnicity).

In 2001, it took its current name Fondazione ISMU – Foundation for Initiatives and Studies on Multi-ethnicity – and counts amongst its partners the Cariplo Foundation, The Region of Lombardy, Milan’s clergy and, since 2007, the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Artisanship and Agriculture of Milan.

In 2001, the Foundation’s head offices were enlarged and moved to Via Copernico 1, where are currently located.

The ISMU Foundation, as an independent scientific body, proposes itself as a service provider open to collaboration with national and European institutions, local administrations, welfare and health-care agencies, non-profit organisations, schooling institutions, Italian and foreign research centres, libraries and documentation centres, international agencies, diplomatic and consular representations.

Fondazione ISMU – Initiatives and Studies on Multi-ethnicity – is an independent scientific body of research. Since 1993, we have been fully committed to  the study of migration phenomena thanks to our cooperation with both national and European institutions, schools, universities, research centres, international agencies, diplomatic and consular representations.

The ISMU group of researchers and experts operates in eight different areas of expertise:








International mindset

We have built a wide network of international relations with other institutions and bodies across Europe and around the world by representing Italy at key events on issues concerning migration and asylum. We work in partnership with many international networks, including:

»  International Metropolis Project  

» IMISCOE – International Migration, Integration and Social Cohesion

The Executive Board approves the annual programme of activities in compliance with the institutional objectives and strategic guidelines adopted by the General Assembly. The Executive Board remains in office for five years.

The Members of the Executive Board are representatives of the Fondazione Cariplo, the Region of Lombardy, the Chamber of Commerce of Milan and the Fondazione S. Carlo.

Executive Board Members currently are

Giancarlo Blangiardo – Councillor and President of the Board of Directors (Fondazione Cariplo)

Susanna Mantovani – Councillor (Fondazione Cariplo)

Romano Guerinoni – Councillor (Camera di Commercio Milano Monza Brianza Lodi)

Meri Salati – Councillor (Fondazione San Carlo)

Sergio Angelo Vincenzo Maria Silvotti – Councillor (Fondazione Cariplo)

Marco Migliorini – Councillor (Regione Lombardia)


The President orients and coordinates the Foundations’ activities and initiatives in accordance with the programme drawn up by the General Assembly.

The President summons and presides the Executive Board, she/he supervises the implementation of the resolutions adopted, the Foundation’s overall performance and the achievements of institutional goals. She/he oversees the ordinary and extraordinary administration of the Foundation.

The current president is Gian Carlo Blangiardo.

The Secretary General oversees the management of the Foundation, looks after its organisation and supervises its personnel. She/he carries out the resolutions and directives adopted by the Executive Board and the President, and adopts the administrative acts flowing therefrom.

The Secretary General is Professor NICOLA PASINI.

The Statutory Auditors Board is in charge of monitoring the principles of the proper administration of ISMU Foundation.

In particular its role is to supervise the legal control of the auditing of ISMU accounts and its practical functioning.

The Statutory Auditors Boars is composed by 3 effective members and 2 deputies, appointed by the General Assembly.

The effective members of the Statutory Auditors Board are:

Dario Colombo – Head Auditor (Fondazione Cariplo)

Luigi Corbella – Head Auditor (Fondazione Cariplo)

Pio Di Donato – Head Auditor (Regione Lombardia)

The General Assembly

The General Assembly is constituted by the official Foundation’s partners

Vincenzo Cesareo – President of Scientific Commitee

Ennio Codini – Legislation Department

Livia Elisa Ortensi – Statistics Department

Nicola Pasini – Secretary General

Mariagrazia Santagati – Education Department

Giovanni Giulio Valtolina – Family and Minors Department; Religions Department

Laura Zanfrini – Lbour and welfare Department; Documentation Centre

ISMU Staff