Project “Never Alone”
14 June 2020
Project “DimiCome – Diversity Management e Integrazione. Le competenze dei Migranti nel mercato del lavoro”
21 June 2020
Project “Never Alone”
14 June 2020
Project “DimiCome – Diversity Management e Integrazione. Le competenze dei Migranti nel mercato del lavoro”
21 June 2020

The “Highlights on Malians and irregular migration”: a new evidence-based informative tool on Mali

From today the “Highlights on Malians and irregular migration” are available on the AwArtMali website. The highlights summarize the results of last year’s preliminary research on Malians’ communication habits and socio-economic in relation to irregular migration. The research built an empirical basis for the communication, information and awareness raising activities carried out as part of the AwArtMali project on the risks of irregular migration as well as on legal pathways and local alternatives.

The research was conducted between December 2018 and May 2019 on multiple levels. The two research partners, ISMU Foundation and Instrategies, first identified the migration and demographic trends through quantitative data on Malians living respectively in Italy and Spain. Two rounds of interviews were then organized in Italy, Spain and Mali with the support of the Malian NGO LeTonus to identify the target group of the awareness and information campaign, its characteristics, motivations, needs and methods of accessing the media and information.

The research results are now accessible on

The section, named “Highlights on Malians and irregular migration: data from the AwArtMali preliminary research and field activities”, summarizes data from the preliminary research across five topics:

  1. The rationales behind irregular migration among Malians
  2. Malians’ migration imaginary
  3. The main features of the Malian diaspora in Italy and Spain
  4. The role of the Malian diaspora from the point of view of Mali
  5. Malians’ perception of local alternatives to irregular migration

The objective of AwArtMali is to change the perception and behavior of Malians who consider irregular migration to the EU as the only solution to their socio-economic problems by raising awareness on the risks of irregular migration, as well as on legal pathways and socio-economic opportunities available in their country. With the new thematic section, the project intends to make relevant and reliable data available to different European and African stakeholders and policymakers working in the areas of migration and sustainable development in Mali.

AwArtMali is a project co-financed by the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund of the European Union (AMIF-2017-AG-INFO_824407) and coordinated by TAMAT NGO in partnership with ISMU Foundation, Giusti Eventi, Farneto Teatro, Instrategies, Congenia and Cardet.

Each theme is addressed in a specific infographic that can be consulted both in English and French and downloaded in PDF format.