Project “BITE – Building Integration Through Entrepreneurship”
14 October 2020
Project “NES – Newcomer Entrepreneurship Support”
18 November 2020

Handbook on migrant entrepreneurship for local authorities and civil society organisations

The BITE project (Building Integration Through Entrepreneurship) is an EU-funded project that fosters the integration of migrants from sub-Saharan Africa by unlocking their entre-preneurial potential.

Disseminationis a core component of BITE and aims to make the project results available to different groups of stakeholders. With that in mind, partners developed a toolboxthat collects all the different components of the “BITE approach” and outlines the factors that could facilitate or hinder the impact of projects and programmes addressing migrant entre-preneurship.

The toolbox results from a six-month researchconducted by Fondazione ISMU where the project was broken down into its components, analysed and reassembled as a model.