Report Gender and race biases in the AI assisted recruitment process: State of the art and future directions
4 November 2021
Report Labour policies at the intersection of gender and race
4 November 2021

Report Gender and migration background at their intersection

Starting from the 2020 Gender Equality Index edition and using all the relevant, available data from the European Commission’s EU Labour Force Survey and Eurofound’s European Working Conditions Survey, this report examines what is currently known on working conditions in Europe and GRASE target countries – Italy, Portugal, and Spain – focusing on the intersection between gender and migrant status.

The analysis of several indicators of gender equality and participation in the labour market indicates an overall systematic penalisation of migrant women, especially non-EU born women, compared with native women and men in the EU. The report also reflects on the gaps in the available data and indicators to draw a genuinely intersectional picture of the plural society under study.

Autore: Livia Elisa Ortensi e Francesca Tosi
Year: 2021
Editor: Fondazione ISMU
Tipologia: Report