29 July 2019

Crackdown on NGOs and volunteers helping refugees and other migrants

30 September 2019

Report survey. The qualitative analysis – Swim

7 January 2020

Provide. Proximity on Violence: Defence and Equity – Prog 776957

14 January 2020

The Global Compact on Refugees: which future for a comprehensive instrument in response to people’s displacement

10 March 2020

The Twenty-fifth Italian Report on Migrations 2019

7 May 2020

The European benchmark for refugee integration – Summary Report

15 July 2020

The European benchmark for refugee integration – Comprehensive Report

3 September 2020

Guidelines for the identification and assessment of migrants’ soft skills

15 October 2020

Handbook on migrant entrepreneurship for local authorities and civil society organisations

3 March 2021

At a crossroads: Unaccompanied and separated children in their transition to adulthood in Italy