14 May 2018

Report “The Twenty-third Italian Report on Migrations 2017”

16 May 2019

The Twenty-fourth Italian Report on Migrations 2018

24 June 2019

Swim – Safe Woman in Migration. Strengthen GBV protection for migrant and asylum seeker women

23 July 2019

EU Secondary Movements of Asylum Seekers: a Matter of Effective Protection and Solidarity

29 July 2019

Crackdown on NGOs and volunteers helping refugees and other migrants

30 September 2019

Report survey. The qualitative analysis – Swim

14 January 2020

The Global Compact on Refugees: which future for a comprehensive instrument in response to people’s displacement

10 March 2020

The Twenty-fifth Italian Report on Migrations 2019

7 May 2020

The European benchmark for refugee integration