16 May 2019

International Metropolis Conference

16 May 2019

16th Imiscoe Annual Conference

10 October 2019

Workshop “From latent potential to visible resource: soft skills related to the migration background”

17 October 2019

NIEM and ReSOMA Joint Event

24 October 2019

Presentation “The Twenty-fifth Italian Report on Migrations 2019”

31 October 2019

Report “At a crossroads. Unaccompanied and separated children in their transition to adulthood in Italy” Rome – Milan

18 December 2019

Conference “The coming of age of migration studies. Debating the evolution and impact of a research field”

2 March 2020

ReSOMA Webinar on public opinion towards migration

12 May 2020

17th IMISCOE Annual Conference

28 September 2020

BITE webinar