16 May 2019

International Metropolis Conference

16 May 2019

16th Imiscoe Annual Conference

10 October 2019

Workshop “From latent potential to visible resource: soft skills related to the migration background”

10 October 2019

ISMU hosted a roundtable of NIEM project

17 October 2019

NIEM and ReSOMA Joint Event

24 October 2019

Presentation “The Twenty-fifth Italian Report on Migrations 2019”

29 October 2019

Save the date Presentation “XXV Rapporto sulle migrazioni 2019”

31 October 2019

Report “At a crossroads. Unaccompanied and separated children in their transition to adulthood in Italy” Rome – Milan

19 November 2019

Comunication from the Commission to the european Parliement, the european Council and the Council

18 December 2019

Conference “The coming of age of migration studies. Debating the evolution and impact of a research field”