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  • plenary 3. Can Regional Trade arrangements create a path to global migration management?

  • Advocates, including the United Nations, have championed the creation of a World Migration Organization for well over ten years now, believing that rationalizing the world’s seemingly chaotic approach to migration governance would offer mutual benefits to all sides and raise global GDP markedly. Despite the benefits touted in support of such an organization, there has to date been no serious attempt to engage in global governance on migration to anything like the extent to which we have succeeded with regard to trade. Despite the existence of a widely accepted agreement on the treatment of refugees, there appears to be no appetite for an agreement on labour migrants. Are the aspirations for a WMO destined for frustration? Or are there lessons or footholds to be gained in existing trade blocs such as NAFTA, the EU, ASEAN, and others? Our panel will look at where the opportunities lie and where barriers may remain.

    Keynote speech

    • Willam L. Swing (Director General, International Organization for Migration)


    • Elizabeth Collett (Migration Policy Institute Europe)
    • Sergio Alcocer (Mexican Secretary for External Relations, Undersecretary for North America)
    • Giovanni Capannelli (Asian Development Bank Institute, Tokyo)