Main Events and Deadlines

  • 15th September 2014: Delivery of the policy briefs concerning WP3 (see the section Policy Briefs WP3);
  • 22-24th January 2014: 1st Partners Meeting (all partners – see program and documents);
  • 22-23rd January 2015: 2nd Partners Meeting (partners involved in WP4 – see program and documents);
  • 16th February 2015: 3rd Partners Meeting (partners involved in WP5 – see program and press release);
  • January – April 2015: 30 Awareness Raising Seminars (3 in each of the 10 countries involved) aimed at presenting and discussing the results of WP3 (and WP4 where relevant, see the section Awareness Raising Seminars);
  • 15th May 2015: Delivery of the Policy Briefs concerning WP5;
  • 15th May 2015: Realization of 1 Awareness Raising Seminar in each of the two countries involved aimed at presenting the results of WP5;
  • 15th May 2015: Delivery of the final book;
  • 15th June 2015: Diffusion of all Policy Briefs produced;
  • 11th June 2015: Final International Conference.


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