Copertina_XX_inglese_piccolaTwenty years of migrations in Italy: 1994-2014
edited by Vincenzo Cesareo

In this Twentieth Report, the ISMU Foundation reconstructs and analyzes the migration flows that in the last two decades have seen a growth of the foreign population from 750,000 to five million units, thus definitely marking Italy’s transformation from an emigration to an immigration country.

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ISMU - Citizenship in the 21st Century_Codini, D'odorico_piccDemocracy and Citinzenship in the 21st Century. Critical Issues and Perspectives
edited by Ennio Codini and Marina D’Odorico

This book intends to shed light on what governing citizenship in the 21st century means. It explores the principles underlying citizenship regimes for migrants, refugees and their children through the analysis of the link between democracy and citizenship, the comparison of different logics and their empirical manifestation, and the study of emblematic cases.

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Copertina_MSNA_Valtolina_itaUnaccompained Minors in Italy. Challenges and Ways Ahead
edited by Giovanni Giulio Valtolina

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