CaselliMarco Caselli is Associated Professor in Methodology of Social Sciences and Sociology of Cooperation for Development at the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences – Catholic University of the Sacred Hearth – Milan.

He coordinates the research group on immigrant associations at the Fondazione ISMU – Milan.

Among his recent publications (in English): Measuring… What? Notes on Some Globalization Indices, (‘Globalizations’, Vol. 5, 3, 2008, pp.383-404); The Role of Civil Society in the Construction and Life of the European Union, (in Josef Langer, ed., Forces Shaping the EU, Frankfurt am Main, Peter Lang, 2008, pp.201-213); Integration, Participation, Identity: Immigrant Associations in the Province of Milan, (‘International Migration’, Vol. 48, 2, 2010, pp. 58-78); Transnational Lives? The Case of Peruvians in Milan, (in Barrie Axford & Richard Huggins, eds, Cultures and / of Globalization, Newcastle upon Tyne, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2011, pp. 218-235); Trying to Measure Globalization. Experiences, Critical Issues and Perspectives, (Dordrecht, Springer, 2012, pp. ix, 139); Measuring the Integration of Immigrants: Critical notes from an Italian experience, (‘International Migration’, Article first published online 29 nov. 2012); Transnationalism and co-development. Peruvian associations in Lombardy, (‘Migration and Development’, 1(2), 2012, pp. 295-311); Nation States, Cities, and People: Alternative Ways to Measure Globalization, (‘Sage Open’, 3, 2013, pp. 1-8).