Ministerial Conference on Integration – November 2014


Milan, November 5-6, 2014


The 5th Ministerial Conference on Integration, titled Migration and Integration: A global approach to human mobility. A well-managed migration for a better integration, organized by the Italian Ministry of the Interior – Department for Civil Liberties and Immigration, in collaboration with the Italian Ministry of Labour and Social Policies in the framework of the Italian Presidency of the Council of the European Union. The Conference was held in Milan on 5-6 November 2014 and saw the participation of Ministers and Ministerial Delegations of the 28 European Member States to discuss on integration policies for third-country nationals.

At the end of the Conference, the representatives of the 28 Member States approved an Outcome of Proceedings, confirming the shared commitment to take on the challenges related to migrant integration pursuing a comprehensive approach, devoting a specific attention to anti-discrimination policies, to the mainstreaming of integration policies and to the constant monitoring of the actions put in place.

On the occasion of this important meeting, the ISMU Foundation prepared a Background note (edited by Guia Gilardoni, Marina Dodorico, Giulia Mezzetti, Roberto Cortinovis and Daniela Carrillo) which treats the topics of asylum and integration. In particular, with regard to integration, the Background Note proposes an implementation of the Common Basic Principles for Immigrant Integration Policy in the EU in the form of policy recommendations.

The contents of the Background Note have been elaborated on the basis of the research results of the King – Knowledge for INtegration Governance, coordinated by the ISMU Foundation and financed by the European Commission through the European Fund for the Integration for Third-Country Nationals (Community Action).